About Us

Organic Institute is a Consultant Agency of the Indonesian Organic Alliance that offers development solutions in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture. We support your strong desire to collaborate in developing and implementing our strategy. For success, our experts are encouraged to actively interact and communicate to understand their concerns in depth. Our solutions are specifically tailored to the needs of the aspects of human resources, management and product access.

  • Human Development at the operational and strategic level through competency-based training by trainers who are experienced in organic and sustainable agriculture scheme.
  • Management Development is designed by experts who are experienced in the field of organic and sustainable agriculture to ensure the sustainability of the quality, quantity and continuity of a product.
  • Product Access is designed to gather information, assess feasibility, and / or develop strategies for new market opportunities, which can be in the form of launching new products, entering new national and international market segments, and diversifying into proximity or even new businesses that are not related once. Partner’s often praise us for our ability to see the market creatively and identify uniquely differentiated levers to get value in those opportunities.

Last but not least, we can proudly say that we have a strong culture. We have a strong desire for knowledge, a passion for business, services, people and the environment. When you look at our consultants, you will find that we have the same personality even though we come from different backgroundts. We are all fast, sharp and smart. When you want to get things done quickly effectively and efficiently, we are the people who are dependable.